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Artificial Grass Turf for Your Landscaping Solution

Artificial Grass InstallationIt is like a big dream to have a beautiful garden surrounding your home. It is easy to imagine how good it feels when you open the window in the morning to see a scene of green garden under the morning sun. The garden will also become a great outdoor space for your family. You can use it for various things relaxing or even playing games or sports with kids or may be a barbeque party at night. Don’t forget that a beautiful garden will bring significant increase to your property value. But then again, you are living in Phoenix and growing a tree is a big challenge here let alone making a green lawn garden.

Like the rest of Valley of the Sun area, Phoenix weather is dominated by the desert weather and the temperature can be really high and not to mention lots of sun rays through the year. This kind of weather and also the soil characteristic in most Phoenix area are not ideal to grow grass and making a green garden can be huge challenge there. Off course, it is still possible but it comes with huge efforts. The soil must be treated and prepared for the right irrigation system ensuring proper water available. Maintenance will be another issue and it can be really overwhelming. It requires a huge budget and unless you have that kind of money, it is a little bit unreasonable trying to grow grass for a green turf lawn at your backyard. But it doesn’t mean there’s no other solution to make your dream comes true. When growing grass naturally is so much hassle, choosing artificial grass turf can be a good alternative. It allows you to have a green garden at much reasonable effort and also much reasonable budget. For this Arizona Turf Depot is the one to trust. No wonder as it is the leading supplier for wholesale artificial grass phoenix.

AZ-Turf-Depot-Synthetic-Grass-SpecificationsArizona Turf Depot has been supplying and distributing artificial grass turfs for different landscaping purposes including lawn, putting greens, sports fields, playgrounds, and many more. You can think about the bad stereotypes of poor quality cheap looking synthetic grass. But the ones offered by this supplier are different. It is offering finest quality synthetic grass turf made in USA with USA quality. Those wholesale artificial grass phoenix are using only top grade synthetic materials using advanced manufacturing process to create a smooth mono-filament fiber that looks and feels like a natural grass. There are different types of grass available for the artificial turf each based on popular types of grass with surface and color very close to the natural ones. The synthetic grass filament is covered with UV protection making sure it will withstand the long sun exposure without degradation of its color or qualities. The turf offers excellent air and water permeability and with tough PU backing, it will be easily installed and durable enough to stand the extreme weather outdoor. All artificial grass turfs offered by Arizona Turf Depot are guaranteed to be 100% non-toxic and non-abrasive. It is also lead free and save for children and pet animals.

Now let’s review the benefits of artificial grass turf for your green garden. First, it only requires minimum treatment on the lawn soil and the installation process will be fast and precise. Thanks to the team of professional installers from Arizona Turf Depot who has seasoned expertise and experience. Once it is installed, it is durable enough to last for many years. It is covered with up to 15 years’ manufacturer warranty. The biggest benefit is this synthetic turf is practically needs no maintenance at all. There’s no need of watering, mowing and trimming, as well as no fertilizer or herbicides needed. It saves you from too much hassle and also gives you quite significant money to save. There’s no need to worry because this turf is resistant to mold and mildew as well as other parasites.

Artificial grass turf will be a great option to let you have your dream green lawn without burdening your finance. There’s no reason to hesitate. Contact Arizona Turf Depot today and let this wholesale artificial grass phoenix supplier prepare the best solution you need. You will never regret this decision.